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The Silence
Shotgun Eyes

Shotgun Eyes

Leaving Here (Holland/Dozier/Holland)
Shame, Shame, Shame (Jimmy Reed)
See You Tomorrow
(Paul Jeffrey)
You Can't Judge a Book by Looking at the Cover
(Willie Dixon)
Gunshot (instrumenmtal)
Doctor Feelgood
I Think of You
(Peter Lee Stirling)
Let it Rock
(Chuck Berry)
I'm Not Talkin'
(H Young)
I'm Talking about You
(Chuck Berry)
The Fortune Teller
(N Neville)
Don't Start me to Talking
(Sonny Boy Williamson)
Farmer John
(Don Harris/Dewey Terry)
Route 66
(Bobby Troup)
We'll Silence You
(Robert Fisher)

Recoreded by Dave Charles
Mixed by Martin Colley
Additional Recording by Mr Bouffant
Produced by The Three Trousers
for Boatload of Talent Entertainment Inc
Rockfield Studios, Monmouth UK
8th to 12th October inclusive 1990

Overend Watts loudest guitar, vocals
Patrick Brooke lead vocals, harp
Paul Jeffrey rhythym guitar, vocals
Robert Fisher bass guitar, vocals
Dale Griffin drums, backing vocals

Angel Air Records

SJPCD020 (one CD of a 2 on 1 CD package with The Doc Thomas Group 'The Italian Job')

Available in all good record stores, or by mail order from Angel Air Records

Half Moon Bay says...


From the opening beats, bangs and chords, you know you are in for a treat.

Were this band really like this in the sixties? Surely the benefit of the Watts and Griffins time in subsequent combos and the 1990s recording techniques have given them an edge.

It could have been so different; five guys decide to get together to record their old repertoire for posterity after a lay-off of 25 years and it could have been a strictly for aunts and uncles, friends and family affair.

But no, another quality selection of sixties standards, but delivered with a much heavier hand.

You have never heard such a heavy version of "Shame, Shame, Shame" as you hear here and you are put in mind of Dr Feelgood (the band, not the track - also to found here) on overdrive. And the goodies just keep coming: "See You Tomorrow" (one of two originals in the set - the other being Bob Fishers "We'll Silence You"), "You Can't Judge a Book...", the aforementioned "Doctor Feelgood"... but as you can see, I am just listing a very track as a highlight. And rightly so.

The playing is so tip-top it is hard to believe that even Griffin and Watts had lain dormant for a good dozen years or so prior to the recording of this in 1990, as a 25th anniversary special for the band. What is more, Pete is back to lead guitar duties and Buffs playing is as fantastic as ever; he just does things you don't expect and, as always, is a nightmare to mime to!

So, if you like great pop music, or old beat standards and want to hear them cranked up but still played with the soul of those that were originally turned on and inspired to play them in sweaty dance halls of the time, then this is the CD for you. It is not just a record to complete the Mott the Hoople complete-ists collection. In fact, I guess most Mott fans won't really go for this, however, it ought to be of interest as this is where your heroes came from.

Thanks once again to Dale Griffin for driving the project and to Angel Air for putting it out. This has really brightened my collection. And my ten year old son who has just discovered Jerry Lee Lewis (honest) is digging it too.

Terry Burgess. January 1999.

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